Harrogate High School


Welcome to the Science Department 

The Science Department is amply resourced with equipment, text books and electronic resources. The labs are bright and modern, having been extensively refurbished.


  • Mrs K Wormwell (Head of Department)
  • Mrs K Patel (Second in Department)
  • Mr S Lewis
  • Mrs K Wilson
  • Mr J Littlewood (Science Teacher, Technical Support & Exams Invigilator)
  • Mr R Wilson (Deputy Headteacher & Teacher of Science)
  • Mrs C Clarke (Deputy Headteacher & Teacher of Science)
  • Miss S Kitchen
  • Mrs G Montgomery
  • Mr R Dunk
  • Mr I Hilton (Technical Support)

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Links to SMSC

Throughout all Key Stages students learn about the different way science has an impact on our everyday lives. Where relevant, students will either consider the impact of science on different aspects of culture, religion, political implications and how these impact of society. Students build up skills that help them work together as teams and learn how to solve problems through enquiry based learning. The course also allows students to reflect and their learning and consider ways to improve their progress.

Links to British Values including Prevent duty

British scientists along with their colleagues play a pivotal role in many key discoveries and work that have been done and continue to be worked on. This helps to show the diversity of scientists and the importance of working together.



Recommended websites for Science

The following websites have been written by Dr Saunders:

BBC Bitesize Key Stage 3 Science

Creative Chemistry (recommended for GCSE and A Level Chemistry)

BBC Bitesize Gateway GCSE Science

BBC Bitesize Gateway GCSE Additional Science