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Religious Education

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Religious Education is taught to every student in Key Stage 3. During this time we focus of the major world religions, working in line with the new North Yorkshire syllabus. We begin in year 7 with a  introduction to key spritual thinkers and the key skills needed for  sucessful progress and devlopment in RE all from a philosophical  perspective. At the end of Year 9 students will pick either full course RE or full course Citizenship to gain a GCSE by the end of Year 10.  We are a committed department and are proud of the engaging and exciting lessons we plan and deliver for our students.


  • Miss Kirsty Wilson (HoD)

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Links to SMSC

As a department we are passionate about equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to be thoughtful considerate citizens; highlighted in our varied schemes of work. Cooperative learning allows students develop speaking and listening skills and to respect others opinions, as they form their own.

Students are given a non-bias approach to RS in which they are encouraged to develop their own spiritual thoughts and consider the social and cultural choices of themselves and others. This takes particular focus in KS3 when studying topics such as; ´Is it right to go to war?´

Links to British Values including Prevent duty

RS covers all aspects of British values, it is of particular focus in Year 9 Citizenship as we study the political history of the UK, the role with the UK plays in the global economic market and the importance of a democratic society.

At KS3 students evaluate the use of Human Rights and the importance of tolerance and understanding those different from ourselves when studying topics such as Islamophobia as Year 8. Students are also made aware of the dangers of extreme views and the necessary precautions to avoid this behaviour.

Religious Education