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Welcome to the History Department

History is a popular subject both in KS3 and KS4. In KS3 students are able to get to grips with their own past and country´s history.

´´History has allowed me to expand my own knowledge and develop key research skills.´´ Student


  • Miss G Potts (Head of History)
  • Miss E Reynard


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Links to SMSC

Throughout all Key Stages students learn about the different way the history has shaped us. In all units students will either study different aspects of culture, religion, political implications and how these impact of society. Some key examples would be the influence of religion and the church in the Middle Ages and how this impacted on everyday life, students look at the changes and continuities today. The way in which history is taught through cooperative leaning means students develop speaking and listening skills and have to respect other people´s opinions as they form their own.

Links to British Values including Prevent duty

History covers all aspects of our British values, for example tolerance and democracy. Students in Year 8 look at the injustice of slavery and human rights and why it is so important to be tolerant today. Through units on WWI and WWII including the Holocaust students also question the impact that war can cause to people and their lives. Studying the Nazis and Holocaust means that students are taught to challenge extreme views and to understand how propaganda and the media was used – but is not always true. We try to show them how to be balanced historians but also people.