Harrogate High School


Welcome to the English Department

We are a committed, enthusiastic and successful team of experienced and well-qualified teachers of English. We firmly believe in equal educational opportunities for every child. We are a friendly, supportive and inclusive team of colleagues and regularly enjoy extra-curricular events, trips and activities with our students.


  • Mrs. Jane Moss-Blundell  (Head of English)
  • Mr. Chris Mowat (Joint Second in English)
  • Mrs. Sarah Tabor (Joint Second in English)
  • Ms. Karen Bridgett (Joint Second in English)
  • Mrs. Collette Bradbury
  • Mrs. Sarah Watson
  • Ms. Nina Jolly
  • Mrs. Jane Benham (LRC Manager/Achievement Group leader)


 English Film

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Links to SMSC

All texts studied enable focus on spiritual, moral and social education, giving rise to good discussion opportunities which take place in classrooms where a climate of emotional safety has been established. The new Narnia project with the University of Leeds gives an excellent and overt opportunity to explore the virtues enshrined in the Chronicles of Narnia novels and apply them in real life. Any study of Shakespeare, with his unparalleled treatment of the vagaries of human nature, offers excellent scope to discuss SMSC issues within a literary framework.

Links to British Values including Prevent duty

The breadth of study within English means that overt links can be made to the British values which we promote through our VMG programme. The benefits of qualities such as respect and tolerance are regularly explored as a range of texts are discussed and, where appropriate, clear links can be made about the need for these values in a well-rounded and fulfilled individual.